Friday, December 20, 2019

Franklin Community Arts Project - first workshops for children ages 10 - 14

Franklin Community Arts Project

The Town of Franklin is excited to share a new visual arts installation project, Franklin Community Arts. Our first workshops are scheduled in January!

Community Arts is a town-wide visual art installation project, with the goal of displaying collaborative visual projects throughout the Town of Franklin. These projects will be created by our community, art for us, by us. All ages will contribute to these projects over the course of the program, with different opportunities for involvement being made available for each creative piece.

These projects will be put on permanent display in our Town buildings and listed, along with a description of the artists and the story behind the final image, as part of the Community Arts Tour of Franklin.

The Process:
Each piece will be created during Community Arts Workshops offered at different locations and to different groups. Each piece will involve artistic contributions from 32 - 40 participants. The pieces will be two-dimensional paintings/mixed media pieces. Once combined, mounted and framed, the final image will result in a large scale piece, with the subject matter having a direct connection to Franklin and/or its location/artists. Since each piece is collaborative, the final image will be a surprise, even to the artists who work to create it! Each piece will be unveiled once installed and all artists and the community will be invited to the event.

The Purpose:
The long-term goal of Community Arts is to contribute to the culture of our Town by working together to celebrate the arts and what makes our community special and unique. We are engaging our community in the process and inviting them to join us in celebrating and beautifying our town.

A Franklin Community Arts Tour Guide (both online and by pamphlet) will be created to show our residents and town visitors where to find these pieces, as well as a description of each, the artists involved and the story behind the image. The Franklin Community Arts Project aims to create talking points, build excitement towards the next addition, foster community pride and engage visitors in our public facilities.

The first two workshops are for children ages 10 - 14. Additional age ranges will be the focus of future workshops.

February workshops coming soon!

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