Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Live reporting: Plastic Bag Waste Reduction

a. Plastic Bag Waste Reduction
Ethan leading a group of approx 14 students lined up to present each section of the plastic waste reduction plan

year long transition period to allow for work out of existing stock
can also apply for an additional 3 month waiver if necessary (just once)
state bill imposes a mandatory 10 cent fee, this does not
the State bill was passed by the Senate, and not by the House, no way to know for sure if it will pass
other communities are passing similar legislation around us
26 of 29 businesses talked with approve
347 signatures on petition
multiple meetings to prepare for this

Mercer - thank you, we applaud your efforts in bringing this forward

Hamblen - this group has been before the EDC four times
What if the State passed and overturned this?

Jones reading part(?) of the proposed bylaw for "clarification sake"

Earls - statement on recycling, questioning the single stream due to other recycling issues
"bag ban problematic in several ways" 
study from Australian professor questions the textbook case of the CA example

Bissanti - I don't want to see them leave here, let's give them the chance
let's get this done in Franklin

Dellorco -my concern was for the small businesses, you have answered that with this proposal and the implementation plan

Hamblen - they have encouraged people to try different materials
plastic with wood fibers so it will dissolve, another from a root, some of the smaller packets being made from sea weed; it is a statement to get people thinking

Kelly - thanks for changing from a ban to reduction, it plays better

really three options:

  1. send a resolution
  2. start a bylaw
  3. wait for the state

looking for a sense of where we are for which direction

resolution (Earls)
(Mercer did not publicly declare)

hence bylaw is to be drafted, written then announced for two public hearings, and then voted on

it is possible that the State could get their act together and take it out of our hands

two minute recess

You can also find the full set of documents in one PDF

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