Monday, January 13, 2020

"Third, how about we rethink smartphones at school?"

Via PsychologyToday - although from Jan 2018, it is as relevant (if not more so) today!

"My inbox has been inundated with reports that our kids are literally dying because of excessive cell phone use. From an editorial in the Lancet to my local radio station, the news is alarming. In many cases, I’m told, our children are on their phones eight or more hours a day, with experts saying it should be limited to just two.

Jean Twenge’s new book iGen has been front and center, insisting that we do something and do it quickly. Kids are using their cell phones way too much and putting their mental health at terrible risk. National surveys are showing that kids today are more anxious than ever before, with spiking rates of depression and suicide. Twenge suspects that this uptick in problems (which every mental health professional knows is happening) occurred at just about the same time as cell phones became a common accessory for most teens. Correlation doesn’t imply causation, but in this case, one has to wonder if the very real increase in emergency room visits for mood disorders and self-reported anxiety among teens isn’t a byproduct of more accessible technology that both connects and isolates at the same time."
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Hat tip to CoachCJNeely who shared the link via Twitter

PsychologyToday has a current article on teen sexting with guidelines for parents

"Third, how about we rethink smartphones at school?"
"Third, how about we rethink smartphones at school?"

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