Sunday, January 12, 2020

Town Council recap Jan 8 meeting: 67 Degree pouring license approved, goals discussed, plastic bag restriction moves closer to reality

The agenda was completed but not in the order as published due to the time requirements. This is not unusual for the Council especially when there is a scheduled hearing for 7:10 PM and they don't have enough to do before that time runs around. In this case, they skipped ahead to cover an 'easy' item, the reintroduction of the snow removal bylaw (which turned out to be lease than 'easy.')

The discussion on the snow removal bylaw could have been straight forward. The Council had given a sense of the state for the reintroduction. The prior wording was reviewed by Town Administrator and Legal Counsel to bring the new version forward addressing the major problem from the prior - lack of enforcement.

During the discussion, it was revealed that none of the businesses, nor the Downtown Partnership, had been given a heads up on the proposal. The item was withdrawn from consideration by the Council and referred to the Economic Development Subcommittee for further discussion and review. It will likely come back to the Council but as the next EDC meeting is scheduled for Feb 5, it won't be likely to provide any relief for this winter season.

The Council turned to the 7:10 hearing and approval for the pouring license for Franklin Brewing Company doing business as 67 Degrees. They are working toward opening at 158 Grove St. They still have some final approvals and work to complete before opening but the pouring license is now approved.

The plastic bag reduction or prohibition (as opposed to ban) came up for discussion and was moved to a second reading. The FHS students will be invited to the next meeting (apparently had a school event conflict with this meeting) to be on hand for eventual approval.

The storm water bylaw moved forward to become a reality. The subcommittee to work out the details for the fee structure still needs to be named. The work to change the quarterly billing statement to add this line item to the current water/sewer and trash/recycling is also underway.

After completing the legislation for action, Town Administrator Jamie Hellen reminded the Council that they had not covered the goals and objectives. The Council then dug into that document as Jamie went through section by section. Multiple additions or clarifications were made along the way.

The Actions Taken document has not yet been published. A link to that will be added when available.

Additional details from the meeting may be found in my notes recorded live during the meeting.

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Town Council agenda links

storm water fee mock-up (from a recent bill for my household, the actual one may look different)
storm water fee mock-up (from a recent bill for my household, the actual one may look different)

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