Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Live reporting: Civil Discourse Discussion

resuming from recess at 8:21

A. Capital Budget Subcommittee
no meeting

B. Budget Subcommittee
met earlier, meeting recording to be made available in couple of days

C. Economic Development Subcommittee
March 18 meeting scheduled

Resolution 20-14: The Town of Franklin Civil Discourse Pledge (Motion to approve Resolution 20-14 - Majority Vote)

motion, after long delay seconded by Chair (for purposes of discussion)
(if there had not been a second, then the item would have stop there)

this resolution follows a series of actions as outlined in the memo and supported documents
training session set for March 10 for all department heads
later this year for all employees
mirroring the ethics laws with re-upping every 2 years

was part of the Council's goal list from January

Hamblen - misunderstanding
a statememt for the council as a whole
does not take away anyone's rights
does not attack anyone
is asks for respect for all opinions
it is a statement to the community that we serve
if you think of life in Franklin as perfect, then you are missing the point
these are things that happen in Franklin, they are not made up
that folks are afraid is not okay
this pledge can help people feel at ease
I could bow to pressure and go back to the community
but I can not, I will stand with them

Dellorco - if I want to talk with someone at the DPW does this change that?
Cerel - no, this does nothing to that, those are already cover by what is and has been in place
for years

Pellegri - read through this so many times
we are all brought up with these things
I think we have been welcoming
What did we possibly do? Come to me and tell me what I haven't done

Bissanti - thank you Melanie for your statements, you clarified things
I don't need to be told how to behave
I consulted with my own attorney
"I appreciate the world according to Melanie"
I got on the Council to help people

Earls - thank all my fellow councilors for some excellent remarks
while many view it as a nice thing, it suggests there is a line in the sand

Kelly - between SchCom and TC for last 11 years, I am upset at the way this played out
social media lite up when it 'was pushed down the road'
I want to remind everyone of the oath of office we took in November
"to serve with respect and integrity"
this is how I live and serve
we have a 3.5M budget gap. the CPA will cost us more
potential increase on water/sewer rates, storm water fee coming
there are employees here concerned about their jobs, and the $3.5M gap
at the end of the day, I always do my best, it doesn't add up to what I believe in
I don't think the need for the pledge is here and yet, I have been bullied more getting me to vote for or against this

Jones - I am not, nor will I label myself as a victim, it is a restraint that I don't want
story of kickback when he was young, best decision was to stay quite until the boss signed off on the hours required for his license; if had known some of us had reported him, he was irate, I was held at gunpoint in Haiti
honor, dignity, respect - three key words
I don't have to make because they are core parts 
last thing anyone should do is look for an excuse to be divisive

Chandler - I'll be quick, some many have made good points
who would be against it?
this is all redundant, I follow this every day

Mercer - I guess the only one who hasn't spoken is me
there is nothing that I don't live by
I have not slept for the past 48 hours trying to think about how to run this meeting
everybody lives by these
this was drafted  by own Town Administrator, town counsel and administrative help
it is disappointing to me and my fellow councilors that it has come to this
we are doing the best we can do, we do respect each other
there has been so much misinformation about this legislation since day one
Section 3 - everybody had a problem with "possible"
Section 4 - I would add if 5 councilors commented, then it is a violation of open meeting law
I did meet with every councilor one at a time, to go through this
without fail, only one councilor needed to review it more
I looked at this as a global statement of global issues facing society todfay
times have changed since I grew up as a kid
what are we doing with this, we are re-emphasizing statements we live by
I find it disheartening that there was so much disinformation out there about this
nothing in here is not already in Charter, rules, etc
I did meet with the interfaith council per previously scheduled coincidentally
a lot of the help (homeless, shelters, etc.) and for sure this resolution came up
there are tough times, tough votes to make but it is important

I think it was drafted well, it is misunderstood a lot
please come to every meeting
we want you to have the facts, not fiction

Pellegri - that is for all of us to consider, my note said vote no, but after all that was said I get to change my vote

Dale Kurtz Bald Hill Drive
I am conflicted by what I was hearing
everyone said they live by this, this is asperational
are you going to be here 5 years from now, our community is changing
it should be tweaked, but is should be how we lead our departments, how we lead our community
one of our clients moved from here to another town, she moved because she could not get along with her neighbors due to her accent
this is for us, to set the example aspirationally
I would be willing to assist with this
I am disappointed Councilors did not second this for discussion

Lisa Camuso, Forge Hill Road
I have see your social media and if this passes you'd have trouble
your fearing a mute point, it is called the Constitution
I am not here to complain about it, I am here because it made me a beast
yes, I will come to meetings

John Currier, Elm St
recently employeed with DPW, it blows me away that we are spending so much time on this
you can spend your time so much better on other things

Maura Fields, Pine St
Troop 126 leader
part of the Eagle requirement had scouts this evening
this has been the best meeting ever to talk with them about

Ted Cormier-Ledger, Ashbury Dr
thanks for all the remarks tonight
it was very reassuring that we want to protect all our citizens
we saw the no place for hate signs, the cultural district
many people have brought forth problem and nothing is being done about it
we want to set this standard so it will not be tolerated any longer
about decency and civility

Kaye Kelly, Conestoga Way
I appreciate all the training that Jamie is bringing forward
I am happy that folks want to live this day to day
some of the disconnect is online, Facebook is an ugly place to be in Franklin
it is welcoming for our town
Franklin has garnered a lot of interest

Carol O'Neil, Coles Road
there is something else that we need share tonight
Ted's 9 year old was crying and worry that his father would be hurt coming tonight, he came anyway, but not without some security
his son is doing better now

Teresa Shea
sorry to use the phrase 'snowflakes'
don't say I am not accepting, we have the no place for hate meetings
we have people in this town who are hurting
So I was offended that you would be expected to sign something that you are doing already

amendment to the motion offered by Mercer
Sec 3 add "if 5 councilors were to comment on a post, it would be a violation"
Sec 4, city boards, committee, departments ...
motion and second, vote 8-0-1 (1 abstention)

vote on motion as amended, 6-2-1
earls, bissant no, kelly abstain

thanks to all for coming tonight

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