Sunday, April 5, 2020

Spend a few minutes with Marcus

Better late to this than not to have seen it. The ONE thing the pandemic has given us is time. The real question then comes back, if we let it, "how do we use this time?"

Marcus Buckingham, the strengths guy, speaker, author ... Someone I would put on my 'dream Board of Directors" posted this 14 minute video to Instagram. He did it, not his team, they are all distant now. As we are physically distant too. And we don't, shouldn't be, socially distant. We need each other to get through this.

Spend a few minutes with Marcus. He has a series of these. Don't catch up all at once. Gardening is not a binge action. Gardening takes time, you can not rush it.

We all have a responsibility right now. To give and to give up. There are things in life we have to give up in order to contribute. We have to give up our going out, our eating out, our hugging and handshaking. And there are things that we can give. Yes, we can give money, food, excess toilet paper to our neighbors. And of course, your biggest gift: contributing the strongest and best parts of you. But if you don’t know what those are, and if the people around you don’t either, this ‘biggest gift’ is not possible. I’ve probably spent too many hours wishing I could sing or make songs like Chris Martin of Coldplay, or play piano like @JohnLegend. Or tell jokes like @TheEllenShow. But those are not my gifts to give. I’m just a researcher. One who loves to ask questions and write books. I AM clear, though, on where I am strong. And so, for the next, oh dear, however many weeks, I want to help you bring more love and more strength into your life. And if you do, then, as the data show, you will bring more strength into the lives of those you love: Your son, daughter, sister, mother, father, friend, and maybe your bullheaded yet brilliant, British mate. So, here is day one. I promise to give my best tomorrow to you. I see you. I love you.
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From my email from Marcus:

Hello. I hope the last 8 videos in the #iseeyouiloveyou series have been useful in your life and the lives of those you love.

I’ve linked each below in case you missed any of them:

I hope you join me this week for #StrongLifeTeam - Together we will build something for you that you will be able to lean into for a lifetime.

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