Thursday, May 14, 2020

"Each phase must ensure that cities and towns have full access to the resources needed to reopen"

From the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA)
"The MMA today (5/13/20) presented a comprehensive set of municipal priorities and recommendations to the state’s COVID-19 Reopening Advisory Board, the 17-member panel drafting the state plan that will be released on May 18.

The MMA is calling for:
  • Timely notice to local government in advance of each reopening phase
  • Strong and specific health and safety standards and directives from the state on how to protect the public and employees during each phase
  • Delivery of resources to all communities to ensure equity and consistency in public services throughout the state
  • Clear affirmation of local enforcement authority and high standards for industry to follow to ensure consistency across Massachusetts

Arlington Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine and MMA Executive Director Geoff Beckwith presented a detailed framework for action that was developed by a special MMA Reopening Advisory Committee of municipal officials from across the state.

The MMA emphasized the need for a careful and sustainable reopening process that is driven by public health needs above all, so that Massachusetts can avoid a second shutdown, which would devastate chances for economic recovery in the near term while lives are again at risk."

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The presentation copy can be found online

1 page of the summary on recommendations
1 page of the summary on recommendations

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