Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Hockomock League Class of 2020 Scholar-Athletes - FHS - Sarah Spanek and Rohan Herur

The Hockomock League Principals and Athletic Directors proudly announce the Class of 2020 Scholar-Athletes. The global, national, and local struggle against COVID-19 continues, but our persistence and resilience grows in that fight. The unique social situation in which we find ourselves pushes us to find new ways to publicly recognize and salute our heroes. The Class of 2020 will have much to remember about this unprecedented year, and we salute all of our athletes who lost this Spring season.

This week the League would have celebrated its 30th Annual Hockomock League Scholar Athlete Awards Dinner. Today, we are proud to celebrate each of the twenty-four athletes that have earned this League’s honor. Each scholar-athlete has been selected by the Administration of their respective schools and represent the top student-athletes in the Hockomock League based on academics, athletic participation, sportsmanship, leadership, and citizenship. They have all successfully balanced a demanding academic schedule along with participation in athletics as well as many other extra-curricular activities during their high school career. To be selected for this award represents four years of dedication and commitment, and we are proud of all their accomplishments.

We hope that these student-athletes will put all of their experiences over the past four years to good use and that those experiences will help guide them through the challenges ahead. We congratulate the parents and guardians, too, for your contributions and guidance as you have enabled your child to reach this level of excellence. We are certain that the foundation you have given them will carry them through future endeavors.


  • ATTLEBORO: Jacqueline Lynch-Bartek AND Nicholas McMahon
  • CANTON: Caroline Tourgee AND Nathan Quan
  • FOXBORO: Jaime Notarangelo AND Ryan Proulx
  • FRANKLIN: Sarah Spanek and Rohan Herur
  • KING PHILIP: Samantha Robison AND Jack Cannon
  • MANSFIELD: Eliz Healy AND Peter Oldow
  • MILFORD: Annie Flanagan AND Maxwell Manor
  • NORTH ATTLEBORO: Abigail Gallagher AND Owen Harding
  • OLIVER AMES: Allison Kemp AND Sam Stevens
  • SHARON: Eliana Boxerman AND Cameron Baker
  • STOUGHTON: Emma McSweeney AND Joshua McNamara
  • TAUNTON: Kamryn Li AND Nolan Melo

Class of 2020 Scholar-Athletes - FHS - Sarah Spanek and Rohan Herur
Class of 2020 Scholar-Athletes - FHS - Sarah Spanek and Rohan Herur

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