Thursday, June 25, 2020

Franklin Community Garden: Maintenance Day - June 28

MAINTENANCE DAY! Sunday, June 28 from 9-12
The plan is to: Paint the shed (thinking the same color that the wood guardrail at King Street is painted), paint the picnic benches with clear polyurethane, grass will need to be mowed again, and Bed 53 will need to be filled with soil.
That will be it for Maintenance Day/Build Days until the fall! So, please turn up!

  1. Please drain hoses when done watering your garden bed. When draining, fill the water can that is at that spigot. This way the water is not wasted.
  2. Throw away all veggie id tags in the garbage and not on the ground.
  3. Please help in filling bed 53 with soil.
  4. Please help in spreading the soil next to bed 52 where the demo bed was.
  5. If anyone hasn't planted in their bed and have decided not to use the bed this year, kindly contact the Rec Department.
my garden bed is growing nicely this year
my garden bed is growing nicely this year

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