Tuesday, June 23, 2020

In the News: "New design floated for Allston highway/transit megaproject"

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"In the wake of widespread pushback against earlier proposals, state transportation officials floated a new design Monday for a landmark Allston infrastructure project that they will consider alongside two other options as a key deadline approaches.

The more than $1 billion Allston Multimodal Project may represent the most significant highway work in Massachusetts in a generation, but planning for up to a decade of construction, accomplishing goals for four different modes of travel, and minimizing impacts on the hundreds of thousands of daily commuters that pass through the narrow stretch of land connecting Boston to the west has been fraught with difficult choices.

Deliberations have been underway for years about how best to balance the project’s goals of replacing the structurally deficient viaduct carrying the Turnpike, straightening a curved section of the road, allowing for construction of a commuter rail West Station and freeing space for pedestrians and neighborhoods.

Because the 12 lanes of crowded roadway, commuter rail tracks and walking paths are crammed into only 204 feet of space between Boston University and the river, construction will impose major disruptions on some if not all of the modes of travel through the area."
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Mass DOT materials for the Allston Multimodal Project

Fact sheet for June 22 meeting

In the News: "New design floated for Allston highway/transit megaproject"
In the News: "New design floated for Allston highway/transit megaproject"

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