Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Reader's Digest: "13 Things You Shouldn’t Do at Reopened Restaurants"

In the Reader's Digest listing of things you shouldn't do at a restaurant during this pandemic, our Franklin Board of Health Chair, Bridget Sweet is quoted:

Ignore individual restaurant guidelines

While most restaurants will follow the same guidelines, specific restaurants may have certain parameters in place that you, as a guest, should respect and follow. "Upon your arrival, if the restaurant wants to take your temperature or requires you to use hand sanitizer upon entry, allow this to happen," Bridget Sweet, Executive Director of Food Safety, College of Food Innovation & Technology, Johnson & Wales University, tells Reader's Digest. "Restaurants are trying to protect you as well as their staff. If the establishment requests that you wait in your vehicle until your table is ready, do so." Here are 9 etiquette rules you still have to follow during the novel coronavirus pandemic (https://www.rd.com/culture/etiquette-rules-follow-coronavirus/).
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