Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Need some good news about covid-19? Here are six reasons for optimism

From The Washington Post, an article of interest for Franklin:
"These days of rising cases, hospitalizations and now surging deaths can be overwhelming. To help get through this storm, we must keep track of positive developments, too. 
Here are six positive developments to remind us that there is hope in this crisis: 
  • Therapeutic treatments (in addition to what we already have for the most sick patients) will arrive before vaccines. When someone contracts the novel coronavirus, his or her body’s immune system launches a defense, including producing antibodies that circulate in the blood to help identify infectious invaders. These circulating antibodies offer some protection against future infection (for how long, we still don’t know). Scientists have now engineered clones of these antibodies — what we call monoclonal antibodies — and they are showing to be effective both therapeutically and to prevent infection. They work by attacking the spike protein of the coronavirus, which is how this virus gets into our cells. Stop that from happening, and the virus can’t replicate inside the body."

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From The Washington Post, an article of interest for Franklin
From The Washington Post, an article of interest for Franklin

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