Wednesday, July 15, 2020

In the News: Finance Committee has open position

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:
"There’s an opening on the Franklin Finance Committee after its chairman resigned from his role last week.

“I stepped down after 10 years on the committee to pursue other interests,” Michael Dufour told the Daily News after an opening on the committee was posted on the town’s homepage and Facebook page on Thursday. His term wasn’t set to expire for at least another year.

Dufour was first appointed to the committee as a member back in 2010, and later assumed the role of chairman, he said. He didn’t elaborate on the interests he would be pursing after leaving his role, but said he worked alongside dedicated and collaborative Finance Committee members in his time on the committee, and enjoyed working with former Town Administrator Jeff Nutting and current Town Administrator Jamie Hellen.

“I was very fortunate to work with members of the committee and town administration who put the town before themselves,” he said."

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The announcement of the open volunteer position was made last week and share here:
The Franklin Finance Committee is now accepting applications for a new member. The position is for a 3-year term.

Finance Committee meetings are typically held on the 1st Tuesday of every month. As a committee member, you will be involved in the finances and financial procedures of the Town of Franklin and make recommendations as a committee to the Town Council on all financial matters.

For more information on the Finance Committee visit:

To apply visit:

Note: I would add this position provides great insights into the entire operations of the Town of Franklin and could be considered a 'must' as preparation for any further elected role (especially Town Council or School Committee) that one might consider.

In the News: Finance Committee has open position
In the News: Finance Committee has open position

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