Sunday, July 26, 2020

"Unfortunately, the need is likely to be still greater"

From CommonWealth Magazine we share an article of interest for Franklin.

"WITH COVID-19 DEATHS and infections remaining low here, enhanced federal unemployment benefits continuing through July, and the state’s emergency freeze on evictions still in effect, it’s possible to believe that Massachusetts is rebounding better than the rest of the country. 
But this is only the eye of the hurricane. The second half of 2020 risks becoming an unfolding catastrophe unless state leaders take decisive action before the end of July. 
The key is to stabilize housing, now. 
So far, the 30,000 undocumented workers in the state who were laid off during the pandemic have borne the brunt of the crisis. Without access to federal assistance, their families have been in dire circumstances. They are scraping by through the heroic efforts of friends, families, neighbors, charitable groups, and churches. 
But on August 1, the problem escalates exponentially, when enhanced federal unemployment benefits end for hundreds of thousands of workers. Even with most employees returning to work, perhaps 120,000 households in the state will have trouble making their housing payments. A survey from the MassINC Polling Group revealed that 29 percent of all renters surveyed had already missed a full or partial payment by the end of May. Young people, communities of color, service workers, and part-time employees have been hit particularly hard."
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