Monday, July 27, 2020

State Rep Jeff Roy: "Police reform bill passes House"

State Rep Jeff Roy wrote a blog post to put together his reasoning for his vote on the police reform legislation that the MA House passed on Friday night. It is a long explanation as the legislation covered multiple aspects so you can find the intro here and the link to his full text below. 

The MA Senate also passed their version earlier in the week. The differences will need to be reconciled in conference committee before the legislation goes to Governor Baker.
"On Friday evening (7/24/2020), I joined 92 of my House colleagues in voting for a bill (H.4860) that will create a more modern, transparent and accountable system for law enforcement credentialing and training. Forty-six states in America certify their police officers. Massachusetts is one of the four that does not. 
This certification and licensing process will make our system stronger and bias free. And it will make it a better atmosphere for those who serve proudly and honorably.  
I very much support the police. My vote reflects my desire, along with that of the many officers and chiefs I spoke with in considering the bill, to get rid of the bad apples. They are a stain on the 99% who do a great job. 
We spent 35 hours over three days deliberating the bill, held public hearings on many of the components of the bill over the last year, and had another public hearing last week. We considered 217 amendments and the over 800 pieces of testimony that were submitted. I personally met with and spoke with several officers about the bill and listened to their concerns. In addition, I did a great deal of research on my own, incorporating my 34 years of experience as a trial attorney in Massachusetts. Moreover, I listened to and consulted with many of my colleagues in the House, one who happens to be a retired Massachusetts Police Chief."
Continue reading State Rep Roy's explanation of his vote on this legislation

State Rep Jeff Roy: "Police reform bill passes House"
State Rep Jeff Roy: "Police reform bill passes House"

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