Friday, August 14, 2020

Pour Richard's Pennywise - virtual sale through Sunday, Aug 16

"Have you ever had a great meal-and a superb bottle of wine- at a restaurant, then tried to recreate that experience at home, only to find you absolutely cannot buy that wine without going to a restaurant and paying approximately 4 times the wholesale cost of the bottle?

Well. Check this out-with restaurants closed or at limited capacity, we got our hot little hands on some of those coveted bottles. Not only that, but we're selling them at a discount! We have plenty of the usual crowd-pleasing penny-saving bargains you expect from Pennywise, but also: Magnums of Chateauneuf-du-Pape for $65. 50% off Premier Cru Burgundy. Stellar Pinot Noir. Bodacious Zinfandel. Mature vintage of an iconic Napa Cabernet. And more. SO much more. 

This is without a doubt the best Pennywise list I've ever put together. So if you love wine, know someone who loves wine, or even think you'd like to learn to love wine, tune in tomorrow at 9-you'll be glad you did!

Ordering ends Sunday @ 6PM. The orders will be ready for pickup anytime after 5 PM on Friday, August 21.

Then save some green on red, white, and pink!

Shopping starts at 9 AM HERE



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