Tuesday, August 11, 2020

US SENATE CANDIDATES - September 1 Primary


Our primary is September 1, but you can vote by mail now, take advantage of Early Voting beginning on August 22, or vote in person on September 1. You also have until August 22 to register to vote in this primary.

There are many people running for federal and state offices this year, and the final candidates for the November general election will be decided by this primary.

To help cut through some of the confusion, I will try to post the candidates running for offices here, along with their web sites. My goal is to do this daily if I can; today I'm showing all the candidates for US Senate.

(listed in reverse alphabetical order, because.....no reason, just felt like it)

Candidates for US SENATOR

 KEVIN J. O'CONNOR Republican https://www.kocforsenate.com/about/

 EDWARD J. MARKEY Democrat https://www.markey.senate.gov/

 JOSEPH P. KENNEDY, III Democrat https://kennedyforma.com/

 SHIVA AYYADURAI Republican https://shiva4senate.com/


The are no Libertarian or Green Rainbow candidates for this position


US SENATE CANDIDATES - September 1 Primary
US SENATE CANDIDATES - September 1 Primary

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