Wednesday, August 12, 2020

2020 Election Collection

This will collect the information gathered for the elections of 2020. First for the Primary, September 1, and then for the general election on November 3. The most recent items will be on top, scroll down to find those that come earlier.

General Election - November 3

Secretary of the Commonwealth's voter information mailer "the red brochure" =
Milford Daily News article on communities voting on Community Preservation Act (CPA) = info to summarize Ballot Question 2 (ranked choice voting) =
Scientific American endorses a candidate for first time =

Primary - Sep 1, 2020

State controlled vote count completes after midnight =
You can help with the voters guide for November election =
Big day Saturday: Last Day to Register to vote; First day to Early Vote =
Voices of Franklin: State Rep Jeff Roy, State Rep Brian Murray "We are with Joe Kennedy" =
4th District candidates on "ranked choice"; Pelosi endorses Kennedy =
FM #333 4th District Candidates Town Hall - 8/19/20 (audio) =
Voices of Franklin: Raymond D Milici - "Kennedy Supporter! Not Anymore"  =
4th District candidate virtual Town Hall on race/racism =
Frank Falvey interviews 4th District candidates  =
Other State Officials up for Election on Primary Ballot  =
Voices of Franklin: Colin Cass on primary voting  =

Early voting schedule for Franklin voters - Sep 1 Primary =

MA legislature Senate and House candidates  =

Frank Falvey 4th District candidate interview broadcast schedule for =

US House candidate listing and web pages with their candidate info =

US Senate candidate listing and web pages with their candidate info =


2020 Election Collection
2020 Election Collection

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