Sunday, August 9, 2020

Stormwater Ad-hoc Subcommittee Meeting Recap - Aug 8, 2020

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.

The Twitter hashtag can be found online #swsc0805

  • Real time reporting for Stormwater ad-hoc subcommittee underway #swsc0805 awaiting 3rd person for quorum
  • Without quorum can't do policy discussion but could answer questions #swsc0805
  • Derek Adams hired as Stormwater Director per FY21 budget also as needed to be compliant with the EPA permit. Had previously worked as summer help in college, worked up through the ranks, water treatment side, Masters program at MassMaritime ##swsc0805
  • Need to expand what we're doing on Stormwater management. #swsc0805 budget is tight, looking at it all carefully Stormwater Environmental affairs superintendent. Dellorco should be on soon to make quorum.
  • Moving some of the DPW operations budget items from general funds to the Stormwater fee is a long process. #swsc0805 Dellorco arrives to make quorum.
  • Melanie Hamblen officially opens the meeting at 6:52 PM #swsc0805 reads the usual blub on meeting protocol for virtual meeting. 14 present at time of official meeting
  • TA Jamie Hellen provides recap of info sessions held preCOVID-19, one in morning at the council chambers, one in the evening at the Franklin TV studios, there was a third scheduled but it was canceled due to the pandemic #swsc0805
  • Brutus provides a recap of Derek's background. #swsc0805 web site a basic stopping point for info on work done over the years. For reading materials, check out the full management plan
  • Delay as Chair lost connection and thereby quorum broke, patience #swsc0805
  • She's trying to reconnect via phone see if that's quicker. #swsc0805
  • Yup, still waiting #swsc0805
  • She did join, now working to pick up where we left off. #swsc0805 Jones replaying his question and proposal on fee to get started
  • Discussion of phasing in new fee is a timing issue, need to generate some funds via the fee in order to be able to pay for some of the current DPW Stormwater budget items, would also gather revenue from the users not currently paying #swsc0805
  • Stormwater utility fee couldn't realistically appear on a homeowner bill until July 2021 due to the software changes required to get the MUNIS system set up properly. Also need to get the other items i.e. exemptions defined. #swsc0805
  • Summary timeline: Oct/Nov during budget to relook at Stormwater costs, DPW budget impact, possible fee discussion in Jan 2021, first billing possible in July 2021, with possible budget relief for FY 22 or FY23 #swsc0805
  • Motion to adjourn, #swsc0805 catch you all next time

Stormwater Ad-hoc Subcommittee Meeting Recap - Aug 8, 2020
Stormwater Ad-hoc Subcommittee Meeting Recap - Aug 8, 2020

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