Tuesday, October 6, 2020

350 Mass Endorses The Community Preservation Act (CPA) For Franklin

Members of the Franklin Node of the statewide organization 350 Mass voted to endorse The Community Preservation Act (CPA) in Franklin. 350 Mass is a movement of volunteer members who carry out both municipal-level and statewide campaigns intended to broadly and systemically confront the climate crisis, hold our politicians accountable and undermine the destructive influence of the fossil fuel industry.

Carolyn Barthel, coordinator of the Franklin Node, said that the local node encourages Franklin residents to vote yes on question 3 on the November ballot because the CPA is in alignment with our goals of resource preservation and affordable housing. With the Community Preservation Act, Franklin will have the resources to purchase land for open spaces, maintain and improve parks and recreation areas, restore historical sites, and provide more affordable housing.

Raymond Milici, Franklin resident and a member of 350 Mass, points out that several surrounding towns, including Norfolk and Wrentham, already enjoy the benefits of CPA, and Franklin should do the same. In addition to revenues raised, via a small surcharge on property taxes (details in link below) the state will also contribute funds to help support town projects covered under the Community Preservation Act. We would get a lot for a little. A win-win for Franklin. For open spaces and more, please vote yes on 3.

For more information on what CPA is and how it works go to


350 Mass Endorses CPA For Franklin
350 Mass Endorses CPA For Franklin

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