Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Commonwealth Magazine: "T eyeing service cuts, budget workarounds"

From CommonWealth Magazine we share an article of interest for Franklin:

"WITH A $300 million to $600 million budget shortfall expected next year, MBTA officials on Monday began zeroing in on service cuts that would save as much as $255 million and started exploring ways to use capital funds to cover operating expenses.

In a presentation to the Fiscal and Management Control Board, T officials indicated the service cuts are likely to fall most heavily on ferry routes, commuter rail lines, and some bus routes. Service on the ferry to Hingham and Hull and most commuter rail lines could be scaled back starting next spring. Bus service changes could begin in July 2021. The presentation also warned that many of the cuts could take years to add back and some would be permanent.

The officials said their goal is to preserve service on routes that serve low-income, minority riders with one or no cars. These riders in general have continued using the T during the pandemic and are more likely to return sooner.  Bus ridership, for example, is at 46 percent of pre-COVID levels while ridership on ferries is 11 percent, 12 percent on commuter rail, and 24 percent on subways."


The Franklin Forge Park Station
The Franklin Forge Park Station

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