Saturday, October 10, 2020

“In general, cyberattacks have increased since the COVID-19 crisis came into affect"

From the Milford Daily News, an article of interest for Franklin:

"Town officials announced Thursday night that the town was victimized by a “spear phishing” attack that resulted in $522,000 being “misdirected to a third party.”

The attack did not affect the town’s general fund, but rather a non-general fund account, said Town Administrator Jamie Hellen.

“I have been reassured that Franklin’s electronic data is secure,” Hellen said in a press release. “There is currently no evidence of a breach of our systems. All personal information, accounts and town software systems have been found not to be compromised. The incident was not a ransomware attack.”

Spear phishing involves sending emails, posing as trusted sender, with the goal to infect a specific target’s devices with malware or to steal information and/or money. Comparatively, phishing is less targeted toward specific victims and is more random, casting a wider net than spear phishing attacks."

In case you missed the original announcement of the phishing attack:

On Friday, Oct 9, Jamie and I recorded our "Talk Franklin" episode and discussed this incident in more detail. You'll be able to hear that shortly.



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