Saturday, October 10, 2020

“Some people are afraid of opossums based on their looks"

From the Milford Daily News, an article of interest for Franklin:

Some are fearful of their beady eyes and sharp claws, but any danger opossums pose is usually outweighed by a human’s reaction to them, says Franklin wildlife rehabilitator Stacey Cobb.

On Sept. 14, she met “Hope,” a juvenile opossum who was shot repeatedly with a pellet gun, she said.

“He was in rough shape,” said Cobb, of Nature’s Nurse Wildlife Rehabilitation, when she met the injured marsupial at about 5 that morning. A North Attleborough woman and her niece, who Cobb noted were both “pretty badly beaten up” themselves, brought the animal over after he was shot by a neighbor a few hours earlier.

“It was bad,” said Cobb. “He was shot in the eye, and the bullet had gone into his eye and was trying to come out his cheek/jaw area.” He was also shot in the abdomen, she added.

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"Nature's Nurse Wildlife Rehabilitation is a registered 501c3 in Franklin, Massachusetts. We nurse sick, orphaned and injured wildlife back to health and back into their natural environment within the state of Massachusetts."

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