Friday, August 21, 2020

Voices of Franklin: State Rep Jeff Roy, State Rep Brian Murray "We are with Joe Kennedy"

We are with Joe Kennedy in his campaign for the United States Senate because he cares, he shows up and he leads.
We first saw Joe in 2010, talking about the need for civility in government. That speech captured our moral imagination and we sure hoped that he would run for office.
In 2012, he was in our communities talking with us and our friends about what he would do in Congress.
While a member of Congress, he has been a champion on  such very important issues as health care, manufacturing, substance use disorder, energy, the environment and civil rights,
We have witnessed firsthand his dedication, thoughtfulness and energy. His ability to work across the aisle with those who may have different beliefs is impressive, as is his ability to clearly see complex issues and get to the heart of the matter. And he does it all with a strong sense of empathy, a trait possessed by truly great leaders.
His service to our District is unparalleled. His commitment to constituent services for the folks throughout our communities has been exceptional.  His belief that everyone counts and should be counted is his high watermark.
At this moment in the history of our nation, we need his commitment, compassion and leadership on the floor of the United States Senate now more than ever.
Joe has been with all of  us, he is one of us and he has the vision to lead us.
That is why we hope you will join us in voting for Joe Kennedy for the U.S. Senate on September 1st. It is a vote not only for a better Commonwealth, but for a better country as well.

Jeffrey N. Roy
State Representative – Franklin & Medway

Brian W. Murray
State Representative – Milford, Medway Hopedale, & Mendon

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