Thursday, August 20, 2020

FHS boys soccer team COVID-19 update

 August 19, 2020

Dear Franklin Community,

We are writing with a follow up to the community regarding the August 14th communication regarding a reported positive COVID case at Franklin High School. At the request of the family, we have permission to share that the student had never been symptomatic and it was a false positive; the testing was done proactively as part of a planned family trip to Maine.

We regret that our communication caused distress and raised alarm in the community, particularly as some individuals seem to have inferred that there was irresponsible behavior among boys’ soccer players who were engaging in the sport through out-of-season workouts (of which our athletic department and coaches do not participate). Based on the information available, it is our understanding that these out-of-season workouts were conducted in accordance with appropriate safety measures and expectations and that the parties involved followed appropriate preventative protocols (e.g. contact tracing, isolation, testing) without further incident.

The intent of our original letter was to be informative within the community about appropriate steps to take in the event of exposure to COVID-19. Additionally, the letter was intended to provide families with recently issued guidance about sports so that you can assist your children in engaging in valuable physical exercise and the social benefits that athletics involves.

As part of the Reopening Plan, we will be publishing further information for families and staff about the protocols and procedures that will be in place for this school year related to symptomatic students and staff. These measures will include reporting, contact tracing, additional cleaning and disinfecting, and strict adherence to the Universal Health and Safety Practices.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has left us all emotional and on high alert. Please continue to extend kindness and grace to each other.


Franklin Public Schools
Please direct any questions to 508-553-4819

The original notification

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