Sunday, August 16, 2020

Zooming into the Future, Part 6

 Ch – Ch – Ch – Ch – Changes! Time to Face the Change. 

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 08/16/2020

"Lately, all I hear rolling through my head is an unending earworm of David Bowie’s “ Changes”.

Changes keep a-comin’ as the virus forces us to move toward whatever our new normal might be. Our goal is simple: Get in front of it, and drive. We seek and embrace whatever new means help us to “ Build Back Better” via changes, big and small.

Clearly, Zoom is a permanent part of that future. We will begin posting the Zoom access code on our cable channels for ten minutes each evening prior to the government meetings.

And –

Our own Frank Falvey has been interviewing the many candidates running for the Fourth District seat. Listen to wfpr●fm Tuesdays from now until the primary election. Each week we will feature three of the candidates on Tuesday morning, afternoon and evening. Listen and learn all about the candidates – in their own words – on 102.9 fm.

And – as always –

Thank you for listening to wfpr●fm. And, thank you for watching."

Program Note: This Wednesday evening at 7 PM on the government channel you can hear the congressional candidates discussing the topic of racism.

If you too have the earworm, or haven't heard the song in sometime, check out this recorded live version

The complete program guide for Franklin TV and can be found online    or in the PDF copy here


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