Monday, August 17, 2020

Ballot question 2 - ranked choice voting

From the Boston Globe, an article of interest for Franklin:
Beyond picking winners this fall, Massachusetts voters will be asked to consider something very meta: Should they change how they choose them?

After centuries of residents picking one candidate per office, a question on November’s ballot proposes they instead rank their preferred choices in both primary and general elections for an array of elected seats. Should it pass, Massachusetts would have the second statewide — and most extensive — ranked-choice voting system in the country.

Implementing the new system would mean the person who receives the most first-place votes in a race with several candidates could, in fact, lose. If there is no candidate with a majority of votes, the last-place candidate is eliminated and his or her voters’ second and subsequent choices are re-distributed.
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The summary of Ballot Question 2

"Ranked-choice voting would be used only in races where a single candidate is to be declared the winner and not in races where more than one person is to be elected."
Hence ranked choice voting would NOT be used for the Franklin Town Council or School Committee elections.

For other information to prepare for the Primary (on Sep 1) and Election (on Nov 3) visit the 2020 Election Collection

Ballot question 2 - ranked choice voting
Ballot question 2 - ranked choice voting

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