Wednesday, September 16, 2020

WBUR: Mass. Ballot Question 1 and Ballot Question 2 - What you need to know (video)

Ballot Question 1 - Right to Repair
"Question 1 on the Massachusetts ballot this fall may look familiar. It's a sequel to the "Right to Repair" measure that passed eight years ago.

Because of that law, you can take your car to any shop — not just a dealer's service center — and a mechanic can plug into your vehicle's computer system to figure out what's wrong. You can also buy a device to do this yourself.

The idea is that you have a right to the information needed to repair your car wherever you want and can't be forced to go to a dealership, hence the "Right to Repair" moniker."

wbur link to video


Ballot Question 2 - Ranked Choice Voting

"November, Massachusetts voters will take up a ballot question that would fundamentally reshape the way they vote. Under a system called "ranked-choice voting,” races that involve more than two candidates give voters the option to numerically rank their choices.

Proponents of ranked-choice voting (RCV) say it would help to ensure that no candidate is elected by a minority of voters. Supporters include former Govs. Deval Patrick and Bill Weld, as well as former Harvard president Lawrence Summers, who calls it "the single most important change we can make to improve American democracy.”

But the voter system is controversial. Those against the proposal say it violates the “one-citizen, one-vote” principle and could create a bureaucratic nightmare."

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