Sunday, September 13, 2020

In the News: opportunity to re-purpose office buildings; Russia meddling in election

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin: 

"Commercial tenants say they can negotiate for lower rent payments because there’s a glut of office space on the market due to an increasing number of remote workers.

The long-term impact on commercial office space caused by the coronavirus pandemic is unknown, but it could be a rocky road.

Many companies turned to a remote workforce since March, and some are considering making it a permanent move. If that happens, owners of commercial buildings could lose vast numbers of tenants, and take a huge financial hit.

“Those who own commercial properties, they’re going to be devastated by that (potential scenario),” said Jim Giammarinaro, president of the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce."

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"The leaked recordings were hardly a political bombshell: The apparent phone conversations between Joe Biden and Ukraine’s then-president largely confirm Biden’s account of his dealings in Ukraine.

But the choppy audio, disclosed by a Ukrainian lawmaker whom U.S. officials described Thursday as an “active Russian agent” who has sought to spread online misinformation about Biden, was nonetheless seized on by President Donald Trump as well as his supporters to promote conspiracy theories about the Democratic nominee. Social media posts and videos about the recordings have been viewed millions of times, according to an Associated Press analysis, even though Trump’s own administration says they rely on “false and unsubstantiated narratives.”

The audio’s proliferation on social media shows how foreign operations aimed at influencing the U.S. election are still easily reaching Americans, despite efforts by Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to rein in such meddling."

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