Saturday, September 5, 2020

November 3 and Special Election (Dec 5) Schedule

With the Primary behind us, and a record voter participation, the run up to the November election will not end the season for Franklin. There is a special election on Dec 5, (yes, a Saturday) to select the replacement for Town Councilor Eamon McCarthy Earls, who resigned effective Sep 6 to go to law school.

The Town Charter requires a replacement election within 90 days, hence Dec 5.
2-8-2 Vacancies shall be filled by special election to be called within ninety (90) days of said vacancy unless a regular or special Town election shall occur within one hundred twenty (120) days.

**STATE ELECTION – Tuesday, November 3rd, 7 am – 8 pm FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL GYM**

  • Early Voting:  FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL  (2 weeks) starting   Saturday, Oct. 17th through Friday, Oct. 30th
  • Saturday, Oct. 17th and Sunday, Oct. 18TH (5 hours per day) TBD
  • Monday, Oct 19th  TBD
  • Tuesday, Oct. 20th TBD
  • Wednesday, Oct. 21st TBD
  • Thursday, Oct. 22nd TBD
  • Friday, Oct. 23rd TBD
  • Saturday, Oct. 24th and Sunday, Oct. 25th   (5 hours per day) TBD
  • Monday, Oct 26th  TBD
  • Tuesday, Oct. 27th TBD
  • Wednesday, Oct. 28th TBD
  • Thursday, Oct. 29th TBD
  • Friday, Oct. 30th TBD

** SPECIAL TOWN ELECTION – Saturday, DEC. 5th  ( Hours TBD)

  • Monday, September 21st -   Nomination Papers Available
  • Wednesday, October 14th   -   Last day to obtain nomination papers
  • Friday, October 16th   –        Last day to file nomination papers
  • Tuesday, October 20th    –      Last day to withdraw
  • Monday, November 23rd    -    Post Warrant
  • Wednesday, November 25th   –   Last day to register to vote/change party
  • Saturday, December 5th –    Election Day
November 3 and Special Election (Dec 5) Schedule
November 3 and Special Election (Dec 5) Schedule

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