Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Voices of Franklin: Six Combine Voices for Markey

Voting in the Massachusetts Primary Election closes at 8:00 p.m. on September 1.  A few Franklin residents explain why they support Ed Markey as U.S. Senator in this primary.

These respondents are impressed by Sen. Markey’s record as a legislator.  Karen Landers notes  that he has long been known for his leadership and productivity.  He entered national politics in 1974.  In the succeeding 46 years he has been re-elected more than 20 times, first to the House (1974-2013) and subsequently to the Senate (2013 to present).  Clearly the Democrats in Massachusetts have recognized him as an effective congressman.  

These Franklin voters also admire Markey’s character.  They see in him a strong and visionary leader, and author of the Green New Deal, which may be the most important legislation before the Congress in our time.  Yet they also like his unpretentious, blue-collar origins and his personal modesty.  Karen Landers and Mara Downie found themselves standing beside Markey in the crowd at the Youth Climate Strike in Boston last year.  They noticed that he came to support the young strikers, not to grab the limelight.  

Markey’s causes resonate with these voters.  As Sue Cass puts it, Markey “has been indefatigable, participating on diverse committees and authoring or sponsoring hundreds of bills on diverse subjects, always focusing on improving American circumstances.”  More particularly, these voters applaud the senator’s support of racial justice, net neutrality, gun control, health care for all, women’s rights, the COVID-19 Relief Bill, and especially the Green New Deal with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  This bill addresses the twin crises of climate change and economic inequality.

There are also strategic reasons to support Markey.  Jayson Joyce admires him because, in drafting the COVID-19 Relief Bill with Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders, Markey brought both wings of the Democratic party to the table.  Likewise, the senator commands inter-generational support from both ends of the age spectrum, from young Gen Z voters to aging Baby Boomers.  According to Joyce, Markey is a visionary leader who constantly challenges the status quo.  Or as Chorr-yi Chin puts it, Markey legislates with compassion for all, including future generations.  Colin Cass thinks it’s naive to trust what politicians say.  He judges them by what they actually do.  He believes that Markey “is committed to action on the most pressing issues of our time.”

Finally, there is the uniqueness of this moment.  As Joyce says, during this pandemic when many people have lost their jobs and their health insurance; when economic depression threatens and many are facing evictions, foreclosures, and heavy debts, the moment calls for strong leadership and moral authority.  Or as Chin puts it, “The demands of today require somebody who understands the hardships we face.”   

Ed Markey has spent his life as a prolific, principled, and successful legislator.  This man has earned his place as our senator, and the voters of Massachusetts should keep him in office.

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