Thursday, September 3, 2020

EDC Meeting Recap: "Franklin First", QR codes, and complete streets discussed

Recap:  Brief update on re-opening provided at beginning of meeting. Grant application being readied for distribution, possible next week.
Shift to the market study and picking up on prior meeting discussion of placements at restaurants, adding QR codes to help with finding things, a “Franklin First” campaign in the works to help foster buying local.
Complete streets and the details around it reviewed, some of the impact seen with the rework on the Main St and downtown project completed a couple of years ago. Would be a policy (not a bylaw) to help address planning for the street to consider all modes of transit (rather than just the auto which is prevalent today).


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online #boh0902
  • Shifting to real time reporting underway for EDC meeting which had just started at 5:45 PM #edc0902
  • "Franklin First" campaign in the planning stages to help foster local buy, better linkage between cultural district and town page (as foreshadowed in Cultural District meeting) #edc0902
  • Touting QR codes, do they realize (1) most devices don't read them (2) a major security issue is opened. #edc0902
  • If you're not aware of QR codes, this link on Wikipedia can help explain  #edc0902
  • QR codes being proposed as an additional items to help with navigation and info finding #edc0902 
  • Website being touted as never done, actually seems to be referring to Cultural District page (Not Town page) which raises questions about what is the cultural district?
  • Tapping into Metro West visitors bureau and other regional/state orgs to help with marketing in print, web, social, etc. #edc0902 an increase of biking seen in this pandemic period, work on 'complete streets' coordinate with traffic lights to get activated by bikes
  • Policy proposal would need to be accepted by planning board and town Council #edc0902 complete streets would require all uses of the road would be considered, currently car is priority for road construction.
  • The state is already complete streets planning, some of the road work we're doing is also complete streets (as in road narrowing) #edc0902 need to get credit for what they are doing. Framework and guidance doc, not a bylaw
  • Meeting adjourned, getting ready for #3; Town Council up at 7 PM #edc0902. #tc0902 

Photos captured during the meeting and shared with the Twitter thread can be found here

Councilor Brian Chandler new member of the EDC gestures in asking a question
Councilor Brian Chandler new member of the EDC gestures in asking a question

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