Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Community Preservation Act: Frequently Asked Questions - answered by CPAForFranklin

Question of the Day: 
"Is there really any open space left to save in Franklin?"
Question of the Day: 
 “I don’t mind paying more on my taxes for saving open space, but I don’t want to pay more for the other uses. If money raised gets split up, will it really ever be enough to do anything with?”
Question of the day:
"Does adopting the CPA mean there will be an additional tax when I sell my home?"
Question of the day: 
"How is the CPA amount calculated? Will the CPA surcharge be figured as 2% of my property value under the CPA?"
Question of the Day: 
"Doesn’t the Town have enough affordable housing for those who need it?"
Question of the Day: 
“How many communities have adopted the CPA? And have any revoked it?”
Question of the Day:  
How is the allocation of local funds prioritized? 
Questions of the Day:  
1 - Who decides how Franklin’s CPA funds would be spent? 
2 - How will Franklin decide which projects will be funded?


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  1. What percentage of the funds go toward open spaces?

    1. a minimum of 10% each year goes into three buckets (1) open space/recreation (2) historic preservation (3) housing. The balance accumulates until allocated for one or more projects. An example of such is in the following answer to another question