Monday, October 12, 2020

Voices of Franklin: Maria Lucier for Senator Becca Rausch

I’ve been thinking about Becca Rausch, the incumbent state senator from the Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex District, which includes the part of Franklin where I live.

I’m a registered Democrat, so I was inclined to vote for Rausch because she’s the Democrat in the race.  But I realized that I was being a little unfair to Becca Rausch, so I thought about the times I’ve met her.

I met her at Franklin’s Harvest Festival and at the Strawberry Festival with her kids.

I met her at the Black Lives Matter demonstration on the Franklin Common.

I met her at three different sessions of the Franklin Democratic Town Committee, some in person, virtual.

I met her at the Democrats’ holiday party.

I met her at Franklin High when she spoke about higher education.

I watched her when she defended her legislation on vaccinations.

I realized that this state senator of mine has been a very hard-working office holder.  She really puts in the time.

I have a friend who complains that she can never get her own senator to answer her letters.  Becca Rausch, on the other hand, never fails to reply.  That means something.

I read Rausch’s on-line bio.  She seems focused mostly on issues that matter to me—elder affairs;  problems of children, families, and people with disabilities; issues in social justice, equality before the law, election reform.

And no one can fail to see a great deal of competent work, done in the public interest, in the long series of COVID bulletins that Rausch has published.

Clearly, this is a hard-working, accessible, and capable woman.  

So I’m glad I thought about her.  Turns out, I have better reasons to vote for her than I realized.

Maria Lucier, Franklin 

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