Thursday, March 17, 2011

Introducing "Voices of Franklin"

You have a story.

Perhaps you have lived in Franklin all your life, maybe you arrived in the 1980's or 1990's, or even more recently.

You would like to express your thoughts on what it is like to live in Franklin. Perhaps on the way things were, or the way things should be. There are any number of topics that matter to Franklin. You may not have the time to create your own blog. Now you won't need to.

Send your writing to "Voices of Franklin"

If you
  • have time to write a couple of paragraphs
  • access to email
  • your voice can be published here in a new “Voices of Franklin” section. 

Your written submission will need to abide by the editorial guidelines found below. You'll also need to be aware that anything published on Franklin Matters is subject to the Creative Commons License 3.0 for USA. Specifically, what is published can be shared with attribution but not for profit.

More information about the editorial guidelines and creative commons license are found in the links below. If you would like to clarify something before sending your writing in, you can reach out to me (shersteve at gmail dot com).

Editorial/comment guidelines

Creative Commons

The idea for "Voices of Franklin" was mentioned most recently in the weekly summary 

Franklin, MA

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