Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Live reporting - FHS Program of Study

2. Guests/Presentations
b. FHS Program of Study – Peter Light

increasing graduation requirements
not that they weren't taking the 4th year of math, but that some of them may not be able to pass

we want to raise academic expectation but we also want to be able to enable them to succeed
some of them are bread winners in their families
we are being creative to get students through the program

proposing to reduce 4yr science and 4yr math to three years of each

recommendation is not out of line with other good schools, without the staffing levels to provide the appropriate instruction to our student, this is the best option

The curriculum development for AP Science is not up to where it should be. Found this by researching into why the AP Science course scores were not achieving comparable levels with the other AP courses. We can contract for a year, do the research and training, curriculum enhancement then restore the AP Science in another year.

Should look at the International Baccalaureate program to replace or augment the AP program. We have started exploring it, it would be about a $50,000 expense as the exams have to go to Switzerland for processing. 

Sabolinski - the first sign of trouble comes from our lower learners, the budgetary challenges are here. We can offer better educational services by making these changes by backing off these requirements. We can offer other choices to students with the current resources.

Franklin, MA

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