Monday, March 14, 2011

"something that puts Franklin on the map"

"The vision that the Conservation Commission has for the property is that it becomes a public place for passive recreation and hiking trails," Livingstone said. "Fixing the dams and stabilizing water levels is the first step." 
Resident Ernest DelCarte donated the 130-acre property on Pleasant Street to the town after he died seven years ago. There are seven dams on the property, which was once used as a fish hatchery. 
Some of the smaller dams, where water sometimes flows over and around the structures, will probably be removed. They were built to create small ponds for the fish hatchery that is no longer operating, Livingstone said. 
The commission initially feared the project would cost several million dollars, but they have received proposals for as low as $1.2 million, Livingstone said, adding he hopes the commission will discuss plans with the Town Council in the coming months.
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