Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Live reporting - FHS Summer Reading

2. Guests/Presentations
c. FHS Summer Reading – Peter Light, Chris Schmidt

multiple attempts to get reading for the summer with some good involvement
after multiple tries, they put together a committee with students and other faculty representatives

the hours of work put in included surveying other schools, the middles schools, etc.
the program should be fair and inclusive and successful so we are not having a conversation again on this next year

life long readers include the joy of reading

students need choice, the wrong thing is to say this is the book you are going to read

create a program that will be sustainable over time
encourage students to read widely

Corey would tell it like it was, if it wasn't going to work, he would let us know

create a student friendly listing of books, an online annotated bibliography include links to Amazon, etc.
we may not be able to offer everything that is in the library

category listing includes "banned books" designed to catch the eye and interest

listing of books and students for their respective assignments provided to the teachers who will be prepared to do their assessment review

summer reading would be included on the Q1 report card

designated period - peer review discussion and self assessment will account for 50% , teacher/coordinator assessment would account for the remaining 50%.

Different assessment possibilities, i.e. paper, audio, visual, or artistic product
each would include a summary of the book, etc.

working to finish the rubric in March, collect book recommendations and get rolling for this summer

Franklin, MA

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