Saturday, March 19, 2011

i495 bridge construction update

Have you see the bridge construction signs on i495 announcing construction begins 3/21/11? What are they going to do?

The MassDOT website has the following information:
The work for all the bridges in this project shall consist of joint work, the sounding of the reinforced concrete deck, mapping the deteriorated areas which need to be partially replaced, removing and replacing the existing bearing. The project will also add a plate and replace the diaphragm for the Farm Street Bridge over Interstate 495. The proposed work also includes cleaning and painting the structural steel, reconstructing the bridge and approach wearing surfaces; reconstruct the approach sidewalk to the bridge and patching any deterioration in concrete surfaces.
You can visit the MassDOT site to find other construction projects in the planning or construction phases.

This one is titled: BELLINGHAM- FRANKLIN- BRIDGE PRESERVATION, B-06-019, B-06-020, F-08-022, F-08-023, OVER/UNDER I-495

Franklin, MA

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