Saturday, March 27, 2021

Boston Globe: "As climate change makes more droughts likely, state plans to issue controversial new policy that may increase water restrictions"


"By the end of last summer, the dark waters of the Ipswich River no longer made it to the sea.

With the region gripped in historic drought, and millions of gallons of water siphoned away without restriction, the river ran dry. Millions of fish, insects, and other creatures died, and water actually flowed backward in some tributaries, sucked up by municipal wells.

With climate change expected to increase the frequency of droughts, state officials are preparing sweeping new restrictions to prevent future shortages in what would be among the most significant changes to water management in Massachusetts in decades and result in many municipalities, big businesses, and other major water users no longer being exempt from water restrictions."

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Drought Management Plan 

Water Management Act - Permit Renewal

new policy that may increase water restrictions
new policy that may increase water restrictions

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