Sunday, March 21, 2021

Franklin TV: I Got Shot! - And I’m celebrating

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 03/21/2021

"It’s true. I got shot! Right in the apothecary! A local CVS Health Hub to be specific. And, it didn’t hurt one bit. I’m happily headed back for my second dose this week.

I got my first shot of the Moderna vaccine. Reserving both of my appointments on the CVS website was E-Z. (Thank you.)

There were two stations for vaccinating about two-dozen people each hour, A year ago I opined that folks should all ‘hunker  up’  (instead of down).  Now, ‘up’ is near, at arm’s length. Put your arms into it. Get shot. Get ahead of the virus. Get to better days ahead.

During our 15–minute wait following our shots, the staff was attentively checking in. I sense they were enjoying the positive vibes of relief from everyone.

Bonus!  They even had yummy chocolates for us in a socially distanced waiting area.  Works for me. Vaccine & Chocolates! Yes, you really should. I’ll be headed back for seconds – on the vaccine. Perhaps even more on the chocolates."

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I Got Shot! - And I’m celebrating (Franklin TV photo)
I Got Shot! - And I’m celebrating (Franklin TV photo)

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