Thursday, March 25, 2021

MA voices on National News: another mass shooting prompts more talk, no action (yet)

"Baker supports federal assault weapons ban, would advocate Mass.-style gun laws to national GOP"

"Governor Charlie Baker said Wednesday that he supports a federal ban on assault weapons and that he would advocate Massachusetts-style gun laws to fellow Republicans in Congress, as Democrats in Washington renew the push for tighter restrictions following two mass shootings in the last week.

“I think what we’ve done here in Massachusetts has worked and worked well, and if I could be a voice to share that with folks at the national level, I’d be happy to do that,” Baker said in an interview with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on GBH Radio’s “Boston Public Radio.”

Asked by Braude if he supports a federal assault weapons ban, Baker responded, “Yeah, yeah. Absolutely.”

"If 20 children killed in an elementary school didn’t change things, why would 10 dead adults in a supermarket?"

It doesn’t matter what most Americans want. It doesn’t matter how many people die. Those who could protect us from you too often won’t

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