Saturday, April 24, 2021

NY Times: " ‘Excess Deaths’ in 2020 Surpassed Those of 1918 Flu Pandemic"

"The U.S. death rate in 2020 was the highest above normal ever recorded in the country — even surpassing the calamity of the 1918 flu pandemic.

A surge in deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic created the largest gap between the actual and expected death rate in 2020 — what epidemiologists call “excess deaths,” or deaths above normal.

Aside from fatalities directly attributed to Covid-19, some excess deaths last year were most likely undercounts of the virus or misdiagnoses, or indirectly related to the pandemic otherwise. Preliminary federal data show that overdose deaths have also surged during the pandemic. "

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A surge in deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic
"A surge in deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic" (NY Times image)

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