Sunday, June 20, 2021

Don't forget Free job search and career assistance from local libraries

In case you didn't know, many libraries offer job-search and career assistance services. Several Massachusetts networking groups are actually run by libraries.

I work for the Framingham Public library on Thursdays from 9am to 1:30pm.  I offer three appointments each week:  9am, 10:30am, and Noon, via Zoom..
As the services are provided by the libraries, there is no additional cost to you (because tax dollars pay for the service).

If you need job-search help, career planning assistance, interview prep, or coaching, visit
to learn how to make an appointment with me. Please note this service is offered by the City of Framingham and the Framingham Public Library to all on a first-come, first-service basis.

BTW, While I currently provide the service via Zoom, the Framingham Library is opening up in stages.  I'll probably be onsite at the library starting in September.

Have a great weekend!

Ed Lawrence

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