Saturday, June 19, 2021

St Mary's update - good news, bad news

Dear Parishioners and friends of Saint Mary Parish, 
Some weeks it is a delight to write a letter to all of you because the letter’s content is all good news. Unfortunately this week I have two disappointing stories to tell you about in our Town and Parish. I also have good news too, but I must begin with the bad news.  
We are all now well aware of the anti-Semitic graffiti which was drawn in the boys’ bathroom in our Town high school.  I applaud our Superintendent, the Principal and the School Administration, the Educators and Staff of our high school who have taken a loud and public stand against this act. Anti-Semitism is learned behavior and is an evil. It usually starts small and grows and grows. That is why it is best to strongly condemn this act right now. The student(s) who were involved in this and all of the other students of our school now have an opportunity to learn about bias, ignorance and prejudice. Perhaps even the adult community can reflect upon these issues in our lives and the example we offer our young people in our daily lives. Our Town community seeks to be a good and safe community and in many ways this goal is achieved. There is, however, always the work that must be done to keep our community a wonderful and welcoming town which means bias, prejudice and hate must be rooted out when they are small and start to show in our Town and lives. 
Last Thursday afternoon, approximately 8 days ago, someone(s) broke into our school building in the late afternoon and vandalized the inside. Tens of thousands of dollars of damage was done by the intruders(s). Clearly this marks a sad event for our Parish and also our Town. The vandalism was malicious in nature. Our Police Department has responded and is now investigating all of this. Clearly the malicious nature and the extent of damage make this a serious crime. Because of some of the vandalism and damage, our Fire Department also responded; the fire alarm were triggered by some of the vandalism.  We are blessed to have such dedicated and caring emergency personnel in Police and Fire Departments. I thank them on behalf of all of us for their special help.
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