Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Milford Daily News: "Did you find a painted whelk in Franklin?"

"For three years, Katie Loder, 63, was reminded by doctors that she would probably die soon. 
But they also didn’t know exactly what was wrong with her — and still don’t, said Loder, who also previously had esophageal cancer. 
The Wareham resident wasn’t allowed to go outside or near anyone, not even to the mailbox. But eventually, doctors said she could go alone to the beach. More often than not it was Onset Beach. It’s where she would often find an array of whelk shells -- from the larger knobbed whelks to smoother channeled and waved whelks, to smaller Stimson’s whelks -- and started collecting them. 
Today, you can find more than 300 of those shells scattered across Franklin -on benches, outside the window sills of storefronts and sometimes even in random front yards when she tosses them from her moving car while driving by. "
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