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Franklin Election Collection - 2021

This will collect all the posts with information on the Franklin Town Election scheduled for Nov 2, 2021. The most recent items will be on the top of the list with the older items below.

While are called the "Town of Franklin", we operate as a city form of government with a Council, an Administrator hired by the Council to manage the town operations, and a School Committee which hires a Superintendent to manage the school district operations. 

Every two years, the entire Town Council (9 positions) and School Committee (7 positions) are up for election. There are other elected positions that have staggered terms so some of them are available every two years. 

The Town Clerk is normally elected every four years, but with Nancy Danello taking on the role as "acting Town Clerk" when Teresa Burr resigned, the position is up for election this year.

All precincts vote in one location, Franklin High School. The precincts are used to balance the voter numbers across the town and are set at the State level. Our State Senate representation is split between two districts while we have a Representative in the House that covers the town and a few precincts in Medway. 

Election Timeline
  • Monday August 2 – Nomination papers available (by appointment only) in the Town Clerks Office.  Please check our website for hours.
  • September 10 by 5:00 PM – Last day to obtain Nomination papers
  • September 14 by 5:00 PM – Signed Nomination papers must be submitted to Board of Registrars for certification
  • September 30 by 5:00 PM- Last day to withdraw your candidacy
  • October 13 – Last day to register to vote.  Office hours will be extended to 8:00 PM or register online at
  • Please visit our website or call the Town Clerks Office at 508-520-4900 for a complete list of available positions.

Election News:

Info on the Positions for Election 

Franklin Election Collection - 2021
Franklin Election Collection - 2021

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