Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Voices of Franklin: Robert Vacca on School Committee candidates

When I began my teaching career in Franklin, in the fall of 1996, I quickly realized that Franklin was a town that I wanted to live in and make my home.  It was actually an obvious choice for me.  Franklin shared many of the values I was raised with.

I grew up in Rhode Island, in a town about a third of the size of Franklin. Education, factual knowledge and civility was valued in my family as well as in my community.  We respected teachers, police men and women, our fire department and one another.  We helped neighbors and practiced the golden rule.  We looked out for one another

As a teacher, I could not be more proud of what my colleagues have been able to do for our students throughout this pandemic.  As a resident, I am proud of the selfless acts of generosity and kindness I have witnessed from the many, but remain disturbed at the hatred and vile comments that are too often part of our general discourse from the few.  

In my twenty-two years of being a resident of Franklin, I have witnessed both the selfless acts of kindness and the darker side of incivility.  I cherish calling Franklin my home and where I am raising a child exposed to the positive values of kindness, respect and civility.  

There are candidates running for public office in November who also share these values.  They have a vision of what Franklin represents and what more it could be.  My vote will be cast for these candidates who value education, factual knowledge and have the vision for a town where values are cherished and civility rules the day.  

Robert Vacca

Franklin Resident

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Voices of Franklin: Robert Vacca on School Committee candidates
Voices of Franklin: Robert Vacca on School Committee candidates

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