Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Voices of Franklin: Colin Cass on School Committee candidates

I attended a meeting of the Franklin School Committee a few weeks ago.

A number of parents spoke during citizens’ comments.  They included people running for school committee and other town offices.  They were very passionately opposed to having their children wear masks at school.

In effect, these parents were blaming the school committee for the fact that we’re living through a pandemic and that some unpleasant measures must be taken.

This sorry situation is not the fault of the school committee.  And as for masks as a remedy, it doesn’t follow that just because you dislike a medicine, you don’t need it.

We should elect people who understand that an undesired solution can be the right choice if the alternative is worse.  Such wisdom is especially needful on the school committee, which has the heavy responsibility of spending half the town’s entire budget and educating its children.

Colin Cass
Franklin Resident

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Voices of Franklin: Colin Cass on School Committee candidates
Voices of Franklin: Colin Cass on School Committee candidates


  1. I completely agree with Mr. Cass's comments. The School Committee did not create the pandemic. They are trying to see that our children are educated in the safest environment possible. Masks are not harmful to anyone, including children. Until we have 80% of the school population, (children and staff), fully vaccinated, wearing a mask in a group situation makes everyone in school and those they go home to, safer. It's time for the citizens of Franklin to stop the political rhetoric, come together, and act in the best interests of us all. It is the only way we will come out of this nightmare.
    Paula Gross
    Citizen of Franklin

  2. Can we get each candidates position on masking in school?
    It would be helpful to know their position prior to election day.
    Thank you!
    Ken Harvey

    1. One of the candidate questions is on that point, so for those candidates that do reply or take time for the interview we have the answer. Check the "election collection" for all the responses and interviews