Monday, October 11, 2021

Franklin TV: "Frank Presents" candidate interviews schedule for week of Oct 11, 2021

Franklin TV will be broadcasting Frank Presents, the candidate interviews conducted by Frank Falvey on the All Access Channel. 

6:00 pm  Frank Presents: Nancy Danello 
6:30 pm   Frank Presents: Mel Hamblen 
7:00 pm   Frank Presents: Alan Earls
7:30 pm   Frank Presents: Jane Callaway-Tripp

10:00 am  Frank Presents: Andy Bissanti 
10:30 am  Frank Presents: Nancy Danello 
11:00 am  Frank Presents: Mel Hamblen 
11:30 am  Frank Presents: Alan Earls 

7:30 pm  Frank Presents: Jane Callaway-Tripp 
8:00 pm  Frank Presents: Andy Bissanti
8:30 pm  Frank Presents: Nancy Danello 
9:00 pm  Frank Presents: Mel Hamblen

9:00 am   Frank Presents: Alan Earls
9:30 am   Frank Presents: Jane Callaway-Tripp 
10:00 am   Frank Presents: Andy Bissanti 
10:30 am   Frank Presents: Nancy Danello 

For the full TV and radio schedule ->

Or go to, Select "Past Shows" and then "Live", then "Play" and you'll view what is on the cable channel at that time.

For the "Election Collection" for all the info about the Franklin (MA) local election scheduled for Nov 2, 2021 =>
Franklin TV:  view "Frank Presents" candidate interviews
Franklin TV:  view "Frank Presents" candidate interviews

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